About Sound Steps

Sound Steps's early intervention centre is unique in India because it is run by an LSLS professional. Sound Steps believes that families are effectively supported in a nurturing environment. Its modern, sound-treated premises create the supportive environment which young children with hearing loss need in order to learn to listen and talk. Sound Steps understands that babies and young children learn through play which together with early literacy lay the foundation for success in adulthood. The toy library at Sound Steps ,equipped with a range of books, toys, games and therapy materials is committed to providing the on-going stimulation that young children with hearing loss need in order to become fluent in the language of their parents' choice. This firm foundation has facilitated a transition to independence for many children with hearing loss. They create their own future, in the communities of their choice. They graduate from Sound Steps as they do not need life long support or funding from Government.

Families living in urban cities such as Mumbai, New Delhi, Calcutta, Chennai and overseas, as well as those who live in the remote areas of Maharashtra attend the service at Sound Steps and enjoy its nurturing environment.

The Ministry of Disabilities (Maharashtra) recognises the importance of early intervention and has initiated training of all special educators in the state. Working collaboratively with the Ali Yavar Jung National Institute for Speech and Hearing Disabilities (AYJNISHD(D)) and the National Convention of Educators of the Deaf (NCED), Sound Steps has been a resource in this initiative in Early Intervention. Sound Steps has prepared training material as well as participated in the training of these professionals. This professional training is recognised by The Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI).

Our Team

Shefali with her mentor Warren Estabrooks

Shefali Shah

M.E.D., LSLS Cert. AVT

Shefali Shah has worked exclusively with babies and young children with hearing loss.Her independent practice at Sound Steps provides the basis for her published work. Sound Steps represents India in the latest book on Auditory-Verbal Therapy, Auditory-Verbal Therapy for Young Children with Hearing Loss and their Families and the Professionals Who Guide Them, published in 2016 by Plural Publishing. Shefali has contributed to 101 FAQs about Auditory-Verbal Therapy, edited by Warren Estabrooks and published by the AG Bell Academy, USA, in 2012. Shefali was invited to write a monograph on Auditory-Verbal Therapy by the Indian Speech & Hearing Association (ISHA) in 2013.

Shefali has pioneered a one-year Teacher Training course in Auditory-Verbal Therapy accredited by The Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI), and the A.G. Bell Academy, U.S.A.

Shrutika Gaikwad

Shrutika Gaikwad

Shrutika Gaikwad is a gold-medallist having completed her Masters degree in Audiology from the Ali Yavar Jung National Institute of Speech and Hearing Disabilities (Divyangjan). Shrutika’s interest has always been in the application of clinical audiology to improving the functionality of children with hearing loss. She is committed to working collaboratively which is why she has chosen to work at an early intervention centre such as Sound Steps.

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