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Device activation of Cochlear impalnt

Measuring hearing loss accurately is made possible by modern technology applied to a deep understanding of typical development in newborns, babies and young children.

Why does your baby need Audiology?

Audiology is a precise science that measures hearing loss so that babies with hearing loss can be fitted with a hearing device (hearing aids or cochlear implants) with which they can hear and understand spoken language. It monitors hearing loss to ascertain whether it is stable or fluctuating and manages it over time, especially in the event that it is a progressive hearing loss, which increases with time. Audiology monitors how children function via audition alone, how much of spoken language they understand via listening alone and how they function when they listen in noise. Audiology allows children with hearing loss to access the world of spoken language.

The audiological facility:

Sound Steps has a custom built two-room audiological booth in order to best serve it’s exclusively paediatric clientele. This modern audiological booth, is ideal for testing infants and young children with hearing loss and is compatible with the American National Standards Institute, (ANSI) S3.1.1991 specifications for Maximum Permissible Ambient Noise Pressure Levels.

Can babies have their hearing loss tested?

Sound Steps recognises that no baby is too young to be tested. The audiological service at Sound Steps is sensitive to the needs of infants and young children. Your baby or child is placed in seating that best suits his or her age and stage of development. Our audiologist uses ear inserts designed for tiny ears to obtain frequency specific and ear specific information, when testing infants and young children. Toys and games for each session are carefully selected, bearing in mind the interests, attention span and developmental age of each child. Appointments in audiology are scheduled to allow your baby sufficient testing time as well as to allow time to discuss and answer all your questions.

What information does Audiology provide?

Audiology at Sound Steps focusses on how the child is performing with the hearing technology (hearing aid or cochlear implant) and how he or she is using it to hear soft conversation. The audiologist also monitors the distances at which the child is able to understand what is said to him or her by the speaker and how he or she functions when listening in noise. As important as it is to have information on the child’s hearing loss it is critical to have information on how the child hears and understands conversation across the frequency range (500-8000Hz) and to document how this influences his or her listening behaviour.

Shrutee zambare Shrutee's committment to the application of Audiology to paediatric care drives her to work in the area of early intervention. She earned her undergraduate degree at Nair Hospital and T.N. Medical College and ranked in the top five at the University examinations. Shrutee then continued her studies at Nair Hospital and T.N. Medical College, from where she obtained her Masters degree. At Sound Steps, Shrutee also works with those children with speech difficulty who need her care.

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Other Treatment Options

Auditory-Verbal Therapy guides and coaches families of children with hearing loss to raise them to develop age appropriate spoken language communication via listening alone